The idea of a world in constant fluctuation fascinates me. I am thinking of cities as developing organisms rather than static structures. In my drawings I use references from inhabited places all over the world and by combining them I create imaginary societies. The viewer may find areas that seem familiar, but as the eye travels along the streets the neighbourhood changes into unfamiliar territory.

A recurring theme is also the exploration of our sensory experience of the world, creating a dialogue between sound, colour and movement. The materialization of sound has been at the foreground of several art works that I have developed over the last few years.

Spontaneous order is a term that describes the spontaneous emergence of order out of seeming chaos. It is also a social theory that describes the emergence of various kinds of social order from a combination of self-interested individuals who are not intentionally trying to create order. I am interested in the way cities grow, how they are shaped by the human mechanism. Although a lot of the city planning is controlled there is always a dimension of it that we may not pay much attention to. We unintentionally create similar patterns over and over again, even as a crowd is crossing the street we move according to certain rules and our movements are like somewhat predictable maps.

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